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Instead, we configure the background image to fill the whole topbar, so it is possible to set any width for the topbar at a later point and the background image always covers all of it. We will use this behavior to match book of ra videos width of the bar with width of the game screen. The first step is to create a new empty project in Qt Creator. We want the game to be in landscape orientation, so make sure to select this mode during the project setup.
book of ra videos
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The topbar has a height of 50 px, which matches the height of the background Image. But we do not set a fixed width for the top bar at this point.

The delegate defines the appearance of each symbol on the reel. We want to show an image book of ra videos for each symbol, that uses the image source we set in the configuration object.

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We will not take far-fetched speculations but consider only the real facts that are currently being developed by some game providers. To sum it all up, we just added a Timer and two properties that allow us to alternate the display of all the lines that won. For this purpose, we memorize the lines that won when we validate the lines. We can use the showWinningLines() function to start displaying the lines after the validation step.
As the last step, we correctly set the y-position of the win text based on the position of the first symbol. If the player wins on the line, the total credits he won are stored in the winAmount property. We validate if the player has won by checking all the slot positions of the line. The slot machine is displayed correctly, but the fixed height might lead to blank areas. – contains the custom user data of the symbol.

We can use this to access the image source configuration of our symbols. As we now have our model and delegate ready, we can create the slot machine in a new file qml/slotmachine/FlaskOfRumMachine.qml.

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And when we start a new game, the reset() function allows us to hide everything again. All that is left now, is to add the validator to our scene and call these functions at the right places. The dynamic creation of objects is possible with the Qt.createComponent command. We use this command to load the LineSymbol.qml component, which we are going to create at the next step of this tutorial. We then create each object by passing the property configuration and the target container to the createObject method of the component we loaded. Of course, all the properties that we set for the line-symbols are also going to be part of LineSymbol QML component. Let us create the component by adding a new file LineSymbol.qml to the slotmachine folder.
When you’re done, just add the downloaded images to the assets folder of your project. They should also appear in the Other files\assets directory of the project tree in Qt Creator. Please take care not to add an additional subdirectory that might be created when you unpack the resources archive. Every one of us feeling the effects of each of these mutations which do not necessarily get along with each other but living in a world that awards controoool. It’s like we’re TRYING to fight our invitation back into existential bliss but the death throes of the old way are instead the collective experience. We really are moving into a new world, but it is the world that has always been but somehow our vehicles were never configured to experience like the way they are now.

This class is just like any other QML class that you define, except for the line pragma Singleton, which marks it as a singleton object. The base class for our object is the SlotMachineModel, which is why we can also use our configuration object to initialize the SlotMachine component. The important property for this initialization is the symbols property.
When we add the validation step, we will also correctly set these properties. After every spin, we deactivate the start button again and restart the slot machine if we’re on autoplay. We want to create a custom slot machine based on the configuration we just added. As mentioned before, the SlotMachine component helps us to easily set up a slot machine. The main part to get a SlotMachine to work is to specify its model and delegate properties.