PPI claims after your IVA has completed

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Forward a formal problem in writing, see and send it to your Insolvency Service if Aperture don’t provide a reasonable reaction in 2 months.

So my Iva ended up being finished and so I would that is amazing the creditors shut my reports once that had finished, therefore my real question is then given to someone else or do they keep it or are the creditors accounts not closed once you complete your IVA if my accounts are closed and the Iva company send payment for my Ppi refunds this month where does it go 🤷🏽‍♀️ Does it get returned to the IVA company and

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It will be gone back to creditors.

But certainly to them for the creditors i compensated the things I decided to spend so my end associated with discount had been done therefore I would assume they shut my reports therefore if LC delivered them the cash where would they place it, LC have actually encouraged me to contact the creditors and request the income straight back from their store

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“i paid the thing I decided to no pay, it really is an error to imagine that making 60 IVA re re payments can be your region of the IVA deal.

Your IVA included terms which transferred assets to your IVA. The proper to produce a PPI claim had been those types of assets.

we haven’t heard about any creditors refunding PPI re re payments while they can’t think what direction to go using them.

I realize that’s where my PPI re payment goes but do creditors keep records available 6 years after an IVA has finished that is just exactly what I’m asking but no body generally seems to realize my concern or has no body seriously considered that

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Cash can often be credited to a shut account that had been only partially settled.

Hi Michelle, an IVA was had by me that completed completed. I went along to claim PPI after. It was done by me myself and visited the creditors. The trunk and forth between me personally and something bank continued with phone and correspondence phone phone telephone calls for around six months. We read up a complete lot and comprehended in regards to the court situations governing that any PPI be compensated into the creditor and provided and never the person. Essentially it states that any PPI should receive money to your IVA payday loans WI business in addition they should circulate it appropriately, your records stay open indefinitely and also in case a creditor happens to be dissolved, another business takes it on an such like. The final company it sat with had no interest in claiming any monies if and in my case my IVA company had been dissolved and my account information passed on to different IVA companies. This is the very first thing you need to find out, whether they have any interest and evidence of it. As they see fit if they do, they will keep the payments and distribute. When they don’t are interested, you can easily pursue the creditors independently and discover whether they have any interest, if you decide to claim PPI from their website. I obtained fortunate with one creditor by using all given information, they I would ike to get it among others less, they tried it to repay the things I might have owed them. Hope it will help. It is simply the real method it’s following the court instances governing. If you’d like to place lots of time and energy in and perhaps no gains, test it out for.

We don’t think I’m explaining myself well, my Iva business ‘ve got my PpI re payments over ВЈ6000 they truly are circulating them into the creditors that We owed during my IVA but have actually told me personally to go right to the creditors and have for the cash because to them We reimbursed the thing that was agreed as soon as the IVA ended up being available

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that is bizarre. that is your IVA firm?

Leonard Curtis, we hadn’t heard about the green situation if the ppi was provided for them even as we finished in 2014 and also to be truthful they asked although we had been within the IVA to claim ppi therefore assumed that they had done it but after having a long telephone call your ex explained they might send me a summary of creditors that they had compensated and I also could contact them direct to see when they had been happy to deliver the amount of money back once again to me personally

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Well you can test – we have actuallyn’t been aware of anybody have success with that.

We finished my bankruptcy when I keep in mind. It was done by me with a internet protocol address and then he never ever even mentioned ppi claims as been a valuable asset. ( perhaps due to the fact green instance hadn’t ruled then ) we believe it is harsh that we took financial obligation on compensated it well in complete but we can’t get ppi from it because we went bankrupt on other financial obligation whenever ppi stillwasn’t really heard about yet if we claim today it can go directly to the formal receiver . I believe My instance ended up being prior to the green ruling so how can I stay ?

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The Green v Wright instance just pertains to IVAs, it offers nothing at all to do with bankruptcy. This has for ages been the situation that when it later emerges you had a secured asset at the beginning of one’s bankruptcy – together with directly to produce a PPI Claim is a valuable asset – then it is one of the and sometimes even if perhaps you were unacquainted with it at that time.

Merely to inform you that the business whom overran the financial obligation to my bank card once I went into an Iva have actually talked for their customer that has told them towards the return the cheque to Leonard Curtis plus the funds need to be returned to me personally simply waiting to see if Leonard Curtis try this or simply offset it against another financial obligation

We finished an IVA extremely recently. I’ve received types in my situation to signal when it comes to Iva business to find PPI. Didn’t any brand new claims for PPI end in the end that is very of? Simply seems a little bit of a wasted effort on both components.