Exceptions to the within our information may reflect deficiencies in also condom

Prevalence of frequent condom usage plus the outcomes of univariate and multivariate mixed-effect logistic regressions are shown in dining dining table 1 ) Age wasn’t a factor that is significant. On the basis of the mixed-effects model that is multivariate regular condom usage ended up being not as likely among YMSM who have been recruited online versus in-person, reported a Pacific versus European ethnicity, had no tertiary training versus at the very least some, were HIV good versus HIV negative, or reported also making love with females versus only guys. In contrast to guys who reported one partner that is sexual the last a few months, frequent condom usage had been much more likely for guys reporting 2–5 partners, likewise most most likely for males reporting 6–20 partners, but more unlikely for men reporting higher than 20 lovers. Regular condom usage ended up being much more likely with casual lovers than with fuckbuddies, which often had been much more likely than with boyfriends. Regular condom usage ended up being much more likely among YMSM with faster regular partner relationships, whom were receptive versus versatile using their regular partner, or who had been insertive only versus versatile across all partner kinds.

Of all of the 2412 individuals whom reported present intercourse that is anal a total of 221 males (9.2%) reported on three of four feasible situations and 392 males (16.3%) reported on all four feasible situations. For those second 392 YMSM, the prevalence of individuals’ condom use degree combinations are presented in dining table 3 to illustrate habitual condom usage habits for YMSM participating in both intimate jobs with both partner kinds. Of the, 74.5% reported either habitual regular use (n=181, 46.2%) or habitual infrequent usage (n=111, 28.3%). An additional 70 YMSM (17.9%) reported habitual infrequent condom use making use of their regular partner, but habitual regular usage with casual lovers.

Dining Dining Dining Table 3

Combinations of condom usage among individuals whom reported intercourse that is anal both intimate roles with a consistent and casual lovers During both insertive and receptive anal sex, 70/77 guys (90.9per cent) reported habitual infrequent usage with a typical partner, but habitual regular usage with casual lovers.


Of 2412 YMSM whom reported rectal intercourse in the a few months ahead of study, regular condom usage ended up being reported for 63.6per cent (n=3276/5153) of all of the scenarios (insertive or receptive with casual partners, insertive or receptive with regular partners). Regular condom usage had been many commonplace with casual lovers (74.9%), then fuckbuddies (61.0%) then boyfriends (38.6%). YMSM’s condom usage had been habitual, or very clustered (ICC=0.865), indicating that YMSM tended to be habitual regular or habitual condom that is infrequent across partner kinds and intimate jobs. Habitual infrequent condom usage had been many predominant with regular lovers across intimate jobs (53.3%) and habitual regular condom usage had been many common with casual lovers across intimate jobs (70.2%) and during insertive or receptive rectal intercourse across partner types (50.5% and 49.1%, correspondingly).

Internationally, 100% constant condom usage happens to be documented for 33.8per cent of HIV-negative MSM in Australia, 11 and 37.1per cent and 28% of HIV-negative MSM in san francisco bay area in 2004 and 2008, correspondingly. 12 13 but, these studies failed to examine condom use frequency by partner kind or intimate place. We disaggregated condom use by partner type and position that is sexual unearthed that habitual frequent or infrequent condom usage was more frequent in just someone kind across intimate jobs than it had been for a sexual place across partner kinds. For instance, during both insertive and receptive intercourse that is anal habitual regular or infrequent condom usage with an everyday partner and casual lovers ended up being reported by 96.4per cent and 93.0percent of YMSM, correspondingly. Although tough to compare straight, habitual condom that is frequent (constantly or more often than not in past times half a year) was more anus cam predominant among brand New Zealand YMSM than 100per cent condom use within the last year among YMSM in america: 43.1% versus 32–38% with primary partner and 70.2% versus 54–57% with casual lovers. 14 Swiss MSM’s constant condom usage with casual lovers (67.4%) was more comparable to New Zealand YMSM. 15 the finding of a higher amount of clustering with generally speaking high prevalence of regular condom use may derive from brand New Zealand’s continued concentrate on promoting universal use that is condom any rectal intercourse between males, delivered at scale and supported by comprehensive wellness advertising action over a few years. Exceptions for this inside our data may reflect deficiencies in also condom advertising for some YMSM (particularly in online environments before 2011).